Bob Dylan Tour U.S.A. Fall 2014.

U.S.A. Fall Tour 2014.

I will spend September volunteering on some farms close to my home Angers.
I’ve chosen the association called HelpX. It is on the same ideology as WWOOF but not necessarily work on Farm. It could be home sitting, animal sitting, babysitting or any little work as cleaning, painting,  gardening…
You work few hours a week in exchange for room and food.
I like gardening so I’ve chosen homes with a garden.

I decide to try HelpX  in Oregon U.S.A. before the beginning of the Tour, starting in Seattle.


Seattle, Washington -Paramount Theatre

Seattle, Washington -Paramount Theatre

Seattle, Washington -Paramount Theatre

Portland, Oregon -Keller Auditorium

Hollywood, California -Dolby Theatre

Hollywood, California -Dolby Theatre

Hollywood, California -Dolby Theatre

Oakland, California -Paramount Theatre

Oakland, California -Paramount Theatre

Oakland, California -Paramount Theatre

Denver, Colorado -Bellco Theatre

Minneapolis, Minnesota -Orpheum Theater

Minneapolis, Minnesota -Orpheum Theater

Minneapolis, Minnesota -Orpheum Theater

Chicago, Illinois -Cadillac Palace Theatre

Chicago, Illinois -Cadillac Palace Theatre

Chicago, Illinois -Cadillac Palace Theatre

Cleveland, Ohio -State Theatre

Boston, Massachusetts -Orpheum Theatre

Providence, Rhode Island -Providence Performing Arts Center

Toronto, Ontario -Sony Centre

Toronto, Ontario -Sony Centre

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -Heinz Hall For The Performing Arts

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -Academy Of Music

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -Academy Of Music

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -Academy Of Music-afternoon show (private)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -Academy Of Music-evening show

Washington, D.C. -DAR Constitution Hall

Newark, New Jersey -New Jersey Performing Arts Center

New York, New York -Beacon Theatre

New York, New York -Beacon Theatre

New York, New York -Beacon Theatre

New York, New York -Beacon Theatre

New York, New York -Beacon Theatre

Markus’ property is in Mapplewood, somewhere in the middle of forests in south West of Oregon.
I spend one night at a friend’s house in Seattle then take the Amtrak train to Eugene.
Lani, Markus’ roommate picks me up and we drive all the way to the house.
The  property is huge but many projects are on the go. Even the garden is not really functional.
I find myself making tons of apple sauce, cooking for Markus and doing other little works.
But also I found myself in a middle of a conflict between Markus and Lani. I turn out to be a counselor.
After two weeks in a comfortable home I feel sad to leave but there is a Tour to go on.

From the 16th to the 20th of October Seattle.

I know D. will be at the shows and I’m anxious.
I had decided for that tour not to buy any ticket, not even a cheap one.
It will be a static set list again, the one I know by heart.
I have my sign “I need a free ticket, please”.
Tony and Cynthia (I’m staying at their farm) are with me for the first show.
D. appears behind me and kindly says hello. Somehow I’m happy to see him.
It is not exactly a big reconciliation  but there is no conflict.
I get a free ticket and the show is no surprise, neither the public.
The American public is jaded, nothing like a wild and happy crowd.
We move back to the farm after the show. D. is staying with his good friend A.
I bought myself an American telephone to stay in touch with D. He’s somehow more communicative through the electronic material.
I manage to make him accept a visit to the Seattle Art Museum with me.
He’s obviously avoiding me physically though still in contact by texting. It’s difficult for me to figure him out.
We spend two hours together ; the museum then a pizza and beer.
That will be our only time together in Seattle.
The three shows will be similar ; same theater, same set list, same public.
My heart is somewhere else!

The weather is still nice and warm so with Cynthia and the family we take some walks around the farm.
The farm is located on an Island so every night after the show I will take a bus then a ferry to reach home.

From 20th to 27th of October Portland.

To reach Portland I will catch a low coast bus company called BoltBus. 17$ for the ride.
D. told me that he might be taking the same bus at 2 p.m. I don’t truly believe him.
But to my stupor he shows off 5 minutes before departure! Whoa! What a surprise!
We are side by side for four hours. I feel uncomfortable ; what to say, what to do?
He will chat incessantly with a young fellow sitting next to us.  I feel sad, frustrated and angry though I realize now it was my fault. I didn’t initiate the conversation.

On that tour I had planed to use the Couch surfing organization as much as possible.
The principle is simple : you go to the Website, you make yourself a profile. If you need a place to stay in a city you type the name (for example Portland), you explain your project and you enter the dates in a calendar. Hundreds Hosts will pop up with their own profile so you decide which one fits your personality. There is no money involved, it’s just an exchange, a conviviality. The accommodation can be a couch but also a mattress on the floor or as comfortable as a private room. Some hosts will also provide food though it is not the rule.
I’ve done it in Japan and Europe successfully (with few exceptions)..

In Portland a Lady accepted my request and her daughter is picking me up at the bus stop.
I split with D. He’s got other plan, I’m not part of it.
I have my private bedroom and we eat dinner with MissL.
D. texts me 2 or 3 times. Why?
When I text back that I miss him…he gets angry. Why?
I rest before Missl drives me to the venue.

It’s a Theater. I put my sign out but the scalpers are not making my position easy.
They buy and sale. I need a free ticket.
I start to feel panicky when I see D. with a group of friends. He doesn’t say hello and walk away. Tears are following down. Do I deserve a rejection?
My spirit is low. I won’t be able to get in. I don’t even find the smoking area.
If the smoking area is outside there is a small chance for me to sneak in at the intermission.

So no show for me tonight. I take the bus back with a down spirit.
A T_shirt seller talked about the possibility for him to drive to Oakland from Portland. I asked him if he would give me a ride. Maybe!
I will not do the Hollywood shows as L.A. is too much expensive to reach.
I need six more nights in Portland or Oakland. My host’s daughter accepts to host me. Great!
I will nonetheless spend the last three days with Ed (the T_shirt seller) for he will drive me to Oakland. We watch Dylan videos and movies.

The 28th 29th 30th of October Oakland.

Ed wants to drive at night to avoid traffic but at 4 a.m. we have a flat tire. We are three hours delayed when we reach Oakland.
Lakshmir (a beautiful Lady from India) accepted my CS request in Berkley.
Ed drops me close by and I find myself in a nice condominium. I have my own room. The house is close to the B.A.R.T.(bay area rapid transit) going to Oakland or San Francisco.
Since I love Berkley I enjoy myself walking around , to the university. I recall the 60’s and the fights for the Civil Rights, where the protest movement started. Today everything is calm. No rebels, no more hippies.
I take the B.A.R.T. for a visit to the Fisherman Wharf, my favorite area in San Francisco.
I invited D. for lunch or dinner but there will be no answer.

At the venue. Though many fans told me it would be easy to find a ticket in Oakland I stay on my guard. Things don’t happen the way you expect!
I’m not successful the second night. D. is coming late, trying to sale an extra ticket. Of course he’s not supposed to give it to me. It’s money. I feel sad. It’s just a natural feeling, no?
I will not go in tonight. Double disappointment.
The third night D. has a couple of extra ticket. So what!
He will do something that makes me love him. He will give me one of the tickets. Thanks Honey! 
The seat is on the balcony but at the intermission I move on the floor.
I enjoy myself though I see D. with a couple of women. I feel jealousy. But why? Stupid feeling!

The 1st of November Denver.

From Oakland to Denver it’s a long way and an expensive trip by bus.
I search on Internet and find a low coast flight.
I also find a CS host at the last moment.
Nikk has already two guests (a young couple) he accepts me to sleep on the couch.
They wait for me to join them for a Brunch. Nikk is a Chef and his choice of the Restaurant excellent. We spend a pleasant afternoon.
The young couple drives me to the venue. I find an easy ticket and walk inside with relief and peace.
The Denver show is great. It doesn’t matter if the set list doesn’t change.
In fact I like it. I can sing along most of the songs by now, exception of “The early roman kings” and “Scarlett town”.
The only thing that seems to change is Bob’s out fits. One night he will be in white, the other night he will be in black.
I don’t try to be by the back stage door any more. That will be in vain. Not even try to see him getting out of his bus.
I don’t see much of Barron or the musicians.
The Dream and a big part of the Magic is gone.
I’m just trying to have a pleasant trip with not too much hardship.

I’ve seen Randy (one with whom I traveled before) but our relationship turned sour.

The 3rd 4th 5th 6th of November Minneapolis.

My CS host is Kristopher. I have my own room with a couch.
I will have free access to the house since Kristopher works early in the morning.
The weather is mild. The city easy to reach by feet. I walk a lot. I spend time in a nearby Café using the WIFI. I spend some quiet and happy days. D. will not be here.
At the venue I meet Bill. We don’t have much to say.

I find a ticket for a full show and manage half of another(sneaking in at the intermission).
I will miss the second show.

I recognize Fans I’ve met before, we have a nice conversation and a happy time though mainly outside the venue. It’s part of the spirit. I’m sorry it doesn’t happen anymore between the Bobcats and I. I don’t understand what I do wrong except begging for a free ticket.
Minneapolis is not my favorite city, I’m glad to move away.

The 7th 8th 9th 10th of November Chicago.

The Greyhound bus takes me to Chicago.
I start to get anxious.
Chicago is where D.’s mother is owning a condominium.
D. will be in Chicago.
In the past we had spend few days together in that condo.
The memory is painful. D. had been distant even cold with me during those days. The communication didn’t work. We were side by side I the same house but so far away spiritually. I was feeling more than lonely, I was feeling rejected, abandoned. How could you feel abandoned next to some one who pretends to be your friend?
This time D. didn’t propose to help me with a bed in that condo. Of course I understand. But it hurts for I know some Fans will be with him. Fans I know and who had been my Friends.

None the less I keep contact with D. through the telephone; texting.
I told him about my sadness.

I will stay with Alex, my CS Host. I have my own room but I can’t forget about the condo and the good time they’re having there.
They will all be at the venue.

None of them engage the conversation with me. I’m ostracized. I feel so down.
I’m not sure if I want to be here or run away.
Alex comes with me for the first show and I do find a free ticket.
I don’t remember the show.

The second night. I will get inside only at the intermission.
After the show I want to see D. The group of Bobcats staying with D. walk down the street for we want to see some sculptures by Picasso exposed in the next street.
D. will take photos of a huge mosaic by Chagall. I walk around with him, like a little dog.
It feels weird.
The others want to go home and they left me right in the middle of the street. Whoa!

Luckily Alex will drag me back home. I cry non-stop.

I spend the entire next day in my room. Crying like a crocodile!

Third day I go to the venue by train. Alex don’t want to come.
I manage to sneak inside at the intermission.
The show is now just a routine. My mind and spirit are  focused on something else.

D. is here with his friends. By texting him on his telephone (and he answers me most of the time) I find out there will be a party in a Greek restaurant with some Fans after the show.
I invite myself. I jump in a taxi with the group.
I have a nice time. I behave as good as possible though I’m all nervous inside.
Charlie Sexton is in the same restaurant and all the girls go to salute him. Weird!
D. is nice with me, maybe too nice! The woman next to him(a Bobcat) is his girl friend.
Hard to swallow.
Alex comes to pick me up. Thanks Alex.
Bussing to Cleveland. I’m all confused.

The 11h and 12th of November Cleveland.

Kevin accepted my request for a couch.
He’s making sweaters as a business and lives in a warehouse. He picks me up at the bus station and cooks dinner for both of us.
We chat about his business.
I prepare my couch, take a warm shower and fall asleep.
Next day I walk a long way, in the cold, to the Art Museum. I spend the whole afternoon with the paintings.
I take a tram to the venue in the late afternoon.
It’s again a Theater.
I meet with two Fans I’ve seen on the road years before. We have a nice conversation but I need a free ticket so I put my sign out.
There is no scalpers, that should help me. If there is a person with an extra ticket he may not be able to sale it. And it works. Those scalpers are really my enemies!
That seat is on the balcony but now a days and most of the time I don’t even bother to move down at the intermission.
The sound is excellent anywhere. Except being right in front the stage it doesn’t matter where you seat.
The lights are so dim that we don’t even see Bob’s face. He hardly interacts with the public.
As I said the Magic is gone.
The shows are good quality shows ; professional.
I’m happy to be part of the public.

The 13th and 14th of November Boston.

I take the Amtrak train to Boston
Long and delayed as usual with the train.
We reach Boston station two hours late. I didn’t have any answer to my requests on the Couch Surfing Site so…I have no plan for the night. The Hotels are expensive and I was so troubled the days before that I had forgotten to book a Youth Hostel.
The night will be long.
A young man is waiting for a bus. He needs 4$ to catch an early bus , so I promise to give him the money if he keeps me company.
The train station closes at 1 a.m. so we move to the Greyhound bus station.
I’m cold and exhausted.
I also spend the morning inside the train station (now opened).
Finally I have a positive answer for a couch but texting non-stop with the Host I realize he’s Sex oriented (as it happens for some Couch Surfing Hosts).
At 3’oclock I have to cancel the invitation which turns into a nightmare.

At 6 p.m. I roll my suit case to the venue(luckily close by) hopping to be able to leave it inside the venue.
The wind is blowing cold, a blizzard. I’m freezing.
The scalpers are more aggressive than ever.
It’s so cold than the Fans are rushing inside, not paying attention to me.
I wait until the intermission but there is no hope , no way to get in.
I decide to call my Host in Providence and ask him if I can go to his house tonight.

George accepts and I’m leaving Boston with great relief.

The worst situation I’ve been in since the beginning of the Tour.

As I will skip Toronto and Pittsburgh shows I requested 5 days of Couch Surfing in Providence.
George answered positively.

From 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th of November Providence.

I’m supposed to meet George in a bar. He’s drunk.
We take a cab to his house. A three stories building in a suburban area.
I have my private room.
I crash on the bed with a couple of blankets on me. It feels so good to be in a bed, warm and safe.
I just sleep long , long. I do some food shopping as I have access to the kitchen.

I sleep part of the afternoon.
George comes after his work. He’s willing to come with me to the show.
I explain that I will not buy any ticket and he’s incredibly nice enough to buy 2 tickets, each one for a value of 128$.
We take a cab to the venue and for the first time I walk to the Box Office to claim my expensive ticket. It feels so good! I even ignore all other fans around me.
By some kind of miracle the seats are 6th row center.

I enjoy. I feel in Peace.
No tension, no stress, no anger.
No one or no thoughts will disturb me.
This will be one of my best memory shows.

I spend those peaceful days inside the house, all by myself (George leaves the house early in the morning).
I read the ‘ Memoir of a Geisha’. Cook for myself. Sleep on and off.

Only once I will walk to the downtown area. Providence is a nice little town but the view of so many homeless people disturbs me.

I have a hard time when comes the time to move to Philadelphia.

The 20th 21th 22th 23th of November Philadelphia.

Another Greyhound bus, passing through New York.
Nice trip. I’m relax enough to appreciate.
I didn’t find a Couch Surfing Host so as a substitute I booked a Youth Hostel.
For 20$ a night with breakfast.
Couch Surfing is nice, it’s a way to meet people and to have information about the cities you’re visiting.
On the other hand, it’s binding. You have to be easy going as you will meet all kind of personalities, all kind of home habits or food habits. Some situations are not always easy to deal with.

So a Hostel is sometimes a good break.
This Hostel is far away from the center. The bus takes forever and I need to walk 30 minutes inside a Park.
To my surprise it’s a real Mansion, in the 19th century style with paintings on the walls.
The dormitory is huge so is the kitchen.
I will be in luxury! Cool!

I like Philly.
I’ve been here on a previous Bob Dylan Tour with D.
We had a wonderful time, eating in an Italian restaurant, visiting the Bell and the Museum.
Sweet memories.
Why our relationship had turned sour?

I visit a Museum in the afternoon and get lost…I have to ask my way to the venue.
The venue is again a Theater.
Scalpers don’t make me happy.
Matt is here. He used to be a friend but …friendship among the Bobcats? It comes and goes.
Simon is here too. A young Frenchy Fan. A lot more friendly. We have a nice chat.

I get a free ticket in spite the competition.
I enjoy the show.

The way back home is long but it feels good to know I have a place to stay in security. It’s cold out.

Rumors have been spread that Bob Dylan will do a private show on Sunday.
I walk to the venue (a 2 hours walk) and pass by the Ritz. They’re loading the musicians ‘ bus.
Donny is stepping inside the bus.
In front of the Theater Fredrik is being interviewed. He’s the Fan for whom Bob will play.
I stick around to see what’s happening.
Bob’s bus pulls in at 2:45 p.m. Bob steps out and walks inside the venue by the backstage door.
It’s the first and only time I saw Bobby other than on stage.
Barron doesn’t mind me neither Big Bob.
I’m part of the circus?

One hour later Fredrik walks in the theater with his camera crew.
When he comes out I ask him how it went.
He’s over enthusiastic. Some how it doesn’t feel right.
Who is he? He won’t even go to the night show.

I feel jealousy but I know it probably didn’t mean much for Bob.
Money? He did it for money?

I missed one show in Philly.

I love Philly, I had a good time walking in the park, along the river.
I don’t think about D.

By now I had decided to skip Washington D.C. and move strait to New York
I booked a Youth Hostel again as it was difficult to get a CS host for 9 nights.
The Hostel is in Spanish Harlem, close to the metro 6

From 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th 30th of November

 1st  2sd of December  New York.

This hostel is the worst. The dorm is mixed (mainly men), small, not so clean on the other hand the staff is friendly and there is a small kitchen.
I feel weird to be here and not going to Washington for the show.
After some search on Internet I find a low coast Chinese bus company.
For 55$ I book a two ways trip to D.C.
Let’s be Nuts!

The 25th of November Washington D.C.

I meet Simon in Washington.
My spirit is high. I’m sure I’ll find a way to get in.
And I do. A rich couple approaches me and they have an extra ticket. At first they want to sell it. The value is 250$.
Well I explain that I’m an Artist, present them with some of my Art.
I promise to make them a painting if they e-mail me.
They give me the ticket.
Whoa! The most expensive I ever got.
The seat is excellent, 4th row on the left.
But some seats are empty in front of the piano. I move there at the intermission.
Simon is next to me.
We have a great time. Thanks Simon.

That will be one of my best day and show. Washington D.C. is a nice city.

The bad thing is …my bus is leaving at 1:00 a.m.
I’m exhausted. I will sleep all the way to New York.

The 26th of November Newark.

From New York it’s easy to reach Newark by train.
The weather is cold. It had been snowing.
The venue is inside a building.
I put my sign out. There is no scalpers so it should be easy.
R. and Asha call my name. I know them from the past and  I’m surprised since until now we didn’t exchange much.
They hand me a ticket. I’m happily surprised.
I walk in and start talking to Asha. I know it sounds like I’m happy only when people do things for me.
All the way I had the feeling I was not part of the ‘game’. I’m not so much a social person though I do Couch Surfing, WWOOF and other social activities most of the Bobcats ignore.
I enjoy the show.
I take the train back to the Hostel.

27th 28th 29th 30th of November

 1st  2sd of December  New York.

The first days is New York I enjoy myself.
I’ve bought a City Pass for 109$.
That includes 6 tourist attractions :
The Statue of Liberty
The Empire State Building
The Metropolitan Museum
The Guggenheim Museum
The Museum of Modern Art
The National Historic Museum.

D. will be in New York, so will his girl friend. M.
Oh my! I feel bad already.

Paradoxically we keep contact through the telephone. We’re getting along through the writing communication.
My first few days in New York are even wonderful.
I visit the Tourist attractions ; the Statue, Ellis Island, Ground Zero, the Museums…
I take the trains to the Beacon Theater every night.

The first night a friend of D. hands me a ticket.
The theater is great. I enjoy myself.
After the show some Bobcats will gather in a Pub for drinks and chats.
D. is not with us. I text him. He says he’s tired and resting.

Next days is more complicated for a ticket but I find the smocking area, behind the theater and John and D. help me to sneak inside.
D. talks about a show he wants to go to after the BD show. I ask if I can join. He doesn’t say no.
We jump in a cab the 3 of us.
The show is fantastic. I dance on the Grateful Dead music.
We seem to get along. Then move to the pub to join the Bobcats.

One day I invite D. to join me to the M.E.T. but it will not happen. I feel a little bit disappointed but…
The night Bob is off D. proposes to a group of Fans to go to a show in a small club.
I’m exited. I dress up a bit.We are only four but D. is nice and relaxed.

Until I find out his girl friend M. is coming and sharing a room with him at the Beacon Hotel.

The dream turns into a nightmare.
I run to my Hostel, buy myself a pack of beers and drink until I knocked myself out to sleep.
This is the third time of my life I’m unconsciously drunk.
I send dirty messages to D. I insult him. I’m trying to exorcise the Devil. It’s not the right solution. I should be meditating or praying.
I decide to skip the Bob Dylan show on the 1st.
This is showing how much hurt I am .
I traveled the world for the B.D. shows, I suffered hunger, fatigue, humiliation, the cold, the warm ..I fought for a ticket, I sneaked in venues.
D. has his revenge on Black Pool.

I will go to the last of my shows on the 2sd, to the Pub after the show.
I have a great time with my Friends, we chat, we laugh…
D. is here so is M. Ignoring them is impossible.
I’m happy the Tour is over.
I’m glad I did what I did.

Falling in Love is truly a folly if it is not shared.



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