Bob Dylan Tour Europe 2017.

Thurday 31st March.

Got a "bla bla car" ride to Beauvais Paris on Thursday.

Had to sleep outside the Airport for 6 hours as the doors were closed.

Flew for 2 hours.
Got a bus to Stockholm city center and walk to the Hostel.
Except for the unexpected cold....all is well.
The Youth Hostel is full of noisy people. Youngsters with no respect. The door of the 14 beds dorm doesn’t stop banging for people never learned how to handle a door. They believe it is a car door you have to bang to close. Plus they laugh and shout until early morning as if their stupidities make more senses if they are screemed.
Nonetheless the bed is warm, the shower is warm, the hostel is clean.

Saturday April 1st.

After a short night I take a walk to the old city in the rain and cold. Nice buildings but too many tourists shops.
I rest in the afternoon. Finaly the room is quiet. I eat pasta (free of charge here), I drink tea (free of charge here).
I walk to the venue. A black bus is parked (only one). 2 trucks are blocking the view of the bus door. Bobby's bus? Not sure yet.
4 p.m. a black van is pulling inside the parking lot. Through the black windows I see the Band members , including Stu. It was not certain he would be on the road since he didn't appear on the last albums.
The boys move in. Some Fans shout their names but there is no reaction on their part. Charlie is even wearing a hoodie. Hidding?
Few minutes later Bob steps outside his bus and walks between the trucks.
It takes just few seconds for him to get inside through the backstage door.
Dressed in black with a grey hoodie. Gloves and scarf wrapped around his neck.
One hour later he is moving back to his bus.
Resting? Reading? Watching movies? Who knows?
I heard he had retrieved his Nobel prize earlier : medal, diploma and money. Members of the Academy will attend the show tonight.
A group of Bobcats arrived from all over Europe and Masato from Japan.
Some are friendly, some not.
Then the hard time for me : to find a ticket.
They are too many scalpers and too many "freaks" looking for cheap tickets. That will be tough.
One hour and a half later....still nothing.
It is now 7.45 p.m. and Bob is on stage. The show started at 7.30 p.m.
I move inside the train station to get warmer for half an hour.
For some unknown reason I decide to go back to the venue's doors.
2 guys are stepping out. I know them. I've talk to them previously. They are drunk and they have been thrown out.
I explain that I couldn't find a ticket and with spontaneity one offers me his ticket stub. Since it had been scanned already I am not sure I can use it but I try.
It works!
I rush inside the venue and find myself at the top of the floor section. I don’t want to seat so I stand up against the rail.
Bob is at the piano doing "Desolation row".
All in black with the embroidered suit and the white hat.
Oh miracle!
I enjoy myself so much, singing along, for the songs are the same as the last Tour.
I see clearly the stage but not Bobby's face, all in the shade.
It seems to me that he had put on a little belly.
The night is cold outside.
I walk back to my hostel for a noisy and agitated night.

April 2 in Stockholm.

I walk towards the venue in the afternoon just to see Bob and the Band getting in for the soundcheck.
Nothing much will happen. I will walk back to the Hostel then back by the venue at 6 p.m.
Absolutely no chance forma ticket tonight so I go to sleep without waiting.
I am disappointed but this is the risk I take.

April 3rd Oslo.

I catch my train at 10.30 a.m. and find myself in a wagon with some other Bobcats. We don't talk so much.
The ride is pleasant. We arrive right on time at the train station.
Lucia, my  couchsurfing host will join me at the UTER tower and we catch a tram to her house.
We have a pleasant talk before going to bed.

April 4th Oslo.

Grey, cold and windy Oslo.
The show is part GA and part seated at the Spektrum.
Fans are queuing (courageously in the cold) from early afternoon.
Bobby and the Band arrived early for the rehearsal and then Bob retrieved inside his bus to do whatever he likes to do.
I spend time inside buildings (shoping centers) to keep warm until 6 p.m.
Time for me to be seriously looking for a ticket.
7 to 8 thousands fans are entering slowly the huge sport arena.
Some nice folks hand me a floor ticket and I move slowly but surely in.
The front of the stage is already packed but I find a nice spot on the side of the piano where Bob will be for most of the show time.
I will manage to see his hat and face on and off.
At least I can hear well.
Stu takes the stage as usual.
Bob moves to the piano right away for "Things have changed".
Is it the sound or is it me not being used to the crowd but the sound is muffled.
I focus on Bobby's hat to disconnect from the surrounding.
"To Ramona" doesn't move me so much. I try to get the feelings and sing along. In that Ocean of bodies no one will care if I don’t sing in tune.
"Highway 61" wakes up the Band, not so much the public.
And my favourite soon to come..."Beyond here lies nothing".
That's it! I'm in and Rock and Rolling in the few space I'm allowed, careful not to touch anybody. This is not exactly a Hippies party!
"Why try to change me now?" Oh! So it won't be the last song. Still a message?
"Early Roman kings" . Powerful. But I can't wave my hankerchief in the air.
I can see little Georgie bitting hard on his drums. Good job George!
"Melancholy mood". I have the sound but not the image. Bob is center stage but far in the back and my view is blocked by the piano.
"Duquesne whistle ". People get on board. No mistake on the lyrics. All is rolling good. And the train is on right on time!
"Love sick". First strong reaction from the crowd. That will not be the last song neither.
"Tangled up in blue". Finaly the public is alive! No harp???
"Pay in blood" on piano. Could be better center stage.
"Spirit on the water" . Piano again. Could be more .... spirited!
"Scarlet town" yes! Beautiful job from Donny!
"All or nothing at all". ....
"Desolation row". I look at the spot lights and get lost in the Magic Land. I can't feel my body anymore.
"Soon after midnight" ... and I don't want nobody but you.
The one coming now I've never heard. "That old black magic". I love the tempo. I want to hear it more and more and more.
"Long and wasted years" and " Automn leaves". I am a little bored with that one.
Lights are off. The public is between leaving and clapping. Some left already.
"Blowing in the wind" doesn't get much reaction.
I am curious about the next one.
Yes!yes! I recognize the first notes of "Ballad of a thin man"...
Unfortunately Bob is at the piano.
He was more theatrical doing it center stage with the echo.
Good show all together. Slow at the start but warming up.
Good night Bobby!

April 5th.

From Oslo to Copenhagen.

I have a low coast bus NETTBUSS leaving at 10.30 a.m.
He's right on time and comfortable; plug in and WIFI.
I sleep most of the 8 hours ride. Arriving right on time 6.45 p.m.
I remember perfectly the Copenhagen train station, next to the Tivoli park.
I figure out where to catch the bus 6A driving me to my Couchsurfing host ; Lars.
Ring the bell.
Lars is home and we have a cup of green tea and a long conversation about ... Bob Dylan. Lars is some kind of Fan from the 60's and he puts me in a sort of quiz about that song or this song. I pass the test. Yippy! I'm a Fan.
I crash in my bed inside a room decorated by reproduction of paintings.
Lars is an Art collector.

April 6th Copenhagen.

After a good night sleep and a light breakfast Lars takes me downtown. We drive towards the Queen's castle and Lars drops me in Christinia, the Hippy community.
I wander there for few hours before heading to the Opera.
The buses are already parked in the back but I don't believe Bob is in as I don’t see any Barron!
So , I wait.
3 black cars arrive later. Bobby is in one.
Barron guards the bus dutifully and Bob steps in to step out few minutes later to walk inside the venue for the soundcheck.
Alright! Good enough!
It is bitter cold and windy so I move in search for a hot cup of coffee.
The area is beautiful if only it was not so cold!
I rest and warm myself for one hour inside a cafe before returning to the Opera.
We are 6 looking for an extra cheap ticket. That will be tough.
So tough that none of us could get in.
I am disappointed, of course, but it is the risk I've decided to take.
I am angry for the next couple of hours. That gives me the courage to walk in the dark and cold towards the bus stop, number 6A to Buddinge Skole.
Oh well! On the bright side of the story, I have a warm bed and a private room decorated by Fernand Leger and Kokochka paintings.
Tomorrow is another Bob Dylan day!

7th of April Copenhagen

I take some time in the morning to relax.
Today I leave my couchsurfing host for a youth hostel.
I take the bus and check in early. I am next to a food market so I buy myself a snack and get ready for the Opera number 2.
A half hour walk and I am again waiting by the buses just to be able to see Bobby few seconds as he will be walking to the stage door.
I am pretty sure not to be able to get a ticket tonight. The venue is small, the tickets are expensive.
3 black cars pull in and Bobby walks inside his bus. He'll be out soon.
All the security people are guarding the stage door Bob enters in yesterday.
Fine with me. I am far away and not disturbing.
But I see clearly the bus doors.
Bob's assistant puts her nose out and looks at me. Fine with me. I know her, she knows me.
Then Bobby puts his nose out and looks in my direction. Could be only me he's looking at. There is no body else, not even security on this side though there is another entrance door right here.
I make the V sign, then thumb up (to mention he's great) then I send him a kiss. He sends me a kiss back. Wow! Cool.
Then...he steps out and ...walks in my direction.
One of the body guard rushes after him.
In the few meters that separate the bus door from me I look straight in his eyes. Him too looks straight in my eyes. I see clearly and strongly his beautiful blue eyes locked in mine.
I am pretty sure he’s coming to see me but I don’t move until a crazy guy runs to him on my right side. I signal to the body guard that person and he is stopped. Now it's only me and Bob, so I make a move, I put my right hand on his shoulder as for a hug and I hear him says sweetly "how do you do?".
I am embarrassed and just murmure "hi Bobby!". I am so surprised when he moves on to the door to walk inside the building, followed by his body guard. I guess everyone had been surprised of his move.
I can't believe it! I keep on smiling and replay the "movie" in my head.
I move away to get myself a strong cup of coffee.
I come back later to see Bob coming out from the same door and entering his bus, but this time surrounded by his 2 bodyguards.
This night I will spend 3 hours looking for a ticket in vain.
I just walk back to my Hostel to dream and dream again of that uncounter.

8th of April.

It is a day off.
I take the chance to visit Copenhagen; a free Tour then a long walk.
My feet are so tired but the spirit is high.
The night is chaotic at the Youth Hostel.
Youth Hostel should be for old people to sleep in.

9th of April

I woke up early in a really warm room at the Youth Hostel in Copenhagen. I took a shower and relaxed until 11 a.m.
I walk to the train station to figure out how to reach Lund.
I buy a train ticket and I get confused about the destination. In fact there is a changing of train at the airport and passport control. Fine.
I arrive in Lund in early afternoon.
To my surprise this is a pretty city. The Architecture is eclectic.
I walk to the venue to check out. There is already a line at the doors.
Bobby and the Band arrive for the soundcheck, so all is well.
I find myself a panini and a cup of coffee and I appreciate a nice sunny weather before heading to the venue around 5 p.m.
The usual Fans are queuing for an early entry and the usual Fans will look around for a cheap ticket. It should be easier than Copenhagen as there is a GA section : cheaper tickets and more people to come.
It is not THAT easy but a couple of guys accept to exchange a ticket for the promise of a painting.
All is well.
So, I am in for the beginning of the show. In the far back of the floor section but I can see Bobby on and off, either at the piano or center stage.
The sound is not the best for the venue is a sport arena. Notheless Bobby's voice is clear.
I can sing and dance all my soul as no one will pay attention to my craziness.
Setlist starts the same then "I should have told you so" will replace "Why try to change me now?".
Bob starts "Tangled up in blue" before the Band can react. There is a little bit of a confusion.
Some one tells me that at the Opera in Copenhagen Bob had missed the intro of that song. So.... he is catching up.
No more harp on that song. No harp at all.
The same will happen with "Scarlet town". He rushes for the lyrics before the Band catches up.
Other than that...the usual.
"The early Roman kings" are powerful. Donny is excellent on "Scarlet town".
"Ballad of a thin man " will end the show. Bobby is standing at the piano.
Nice performance. Bobby was professional and clear.
Maybe he was wearing a blue shirt?
I rush to the train station to catch a train back to Copenhagen.
Well....a train and a bus and a metro.
I meet 2 beautiful women from the U.K. and we have a pleasant conversation about ... Bob Dylan ... all the way to Copenhagen.
At midnight I can crash on my bed inside the dorm. The Lady next to me is Italian.

10th of April 

I wake up early to catch my Eurolines bus to Hamburg.
Easy ride and I sleep most of the time.
In Hamburg I have a Couchsurfing Host and I am supposed to take a metro then a train.
The Hamburg train station is packed and it takes me one hour to figure out ow to buy a ticket and where to catch the Metro S3. Those times are the most difficult in my travel even though I travel light.
I finaly reach my destination and Elke is a beautifull woman offering me a bowl of soup and I have a private room.
I need a new suitcase that I buy at Woolworth and I stick my Bob Dylan sticker on it to make sure it is mine.
I take a long warm shower and go to bed.

11th of April Hamburg

There is a free tour visit at 11 from the Town Hall. I buy a day transport ticket to come and back freely.
Hamburg is a nice city if only it did not rain. 
I treat myself with a tasty sandwich and a strong cup of coffee...the day is still to come.
I take a metro to the Barclaycard Arena then 20 minutes walk.
There is nobody around. It stopped raining. And it is good for I lost my umbrella.
Bob and the Band arrive for the soundcheck.
I relax in the sun before the rush of the crowd.
As easy as possible a nice man hands me a ticket and I get in chatting with Richard, a Fan from Netherland.
I had to leave my bag at the locker and I know I will have to rush out quicly after  Ballad.
I am on the side of the Stadium but I have a good view of the stage.
The show is good and I am happy to be here.
I  run to retrieve my bag and catch the shuttle to the metro station. Then I change the metro at the train station, take the wrong one, comme back to the train station, catch the right metro and walk bck home.
It is more than midnight when I cover myself with a warm blanket and fall asleep.

12th of April Lingen

This will be a tricky travel as I will have to change twice regional trains.
But then I will meet with H. and we will do the next 10 shows together on ... car and hotels. Yippee!
All goes well and I reach Lingen at 2 p.m.
H. picks me up at the venue.
We have coffee and food before going to the entrance of the Arena.
It started raining again. I cover myself with my rain poncho.
The venue is small and tickets had been sold out in one hour. I am not too much positive but ... miracles happen!
A man walks to me and says : 'do you want a ticket?' "well!yes". "I have one from the smoking area".
I do not understand but then he explains that he was inside the venue, in the smoking area , and he saw his ex wife so he runned out {from the smoking area with the plastic card they give the Fans coming out to smoke}.
So ... I go in the smoking area with the ticket and the plastic card. I can\t  believe my luck!
The seat is great ; on the left side of the stage {right next to Stu}, on the first balcony.
I can see Bob so clearly at the piano!
I see that Bob is now backing up far front the front of the stage, at the level of Charlie.
He is playing a lot with a standing mic. Three other mics are in front of him {doing ... nothing, except blocking the view of the photographers. }.
The show is excellent. The best so far.
I join H. after the show and he drives us to a Hotel/Pension few kilometers away.
A splendid appartment room.
I take a long warm shower before going fast asleep.

13th of April Dussoldorf

After a copious breakfast H. drives to Dussoldorf, only 2 hours away.
We spend time walking around the train station. Dussoldorf is not a so beautifull city.
The Mitsubishi Halle is familiar to me. I have been here at least twice.
Bob and the Band arrive early. 
Time passes slowly until show time.
A young man hands me a ticket, then later a young woman. I was looking for a good seat, if possible.
German Fans are generous.
I am tired so I go inside early and start chatting with Bobcats.
Many Bobcats from Germany, Lisa from New York, some from Netherland ...
I am now trully relaxed for I know I will be riding in comfort and sleeping in Peace at H. house in Amsterdam for the next nights. 
I managed to say hello to Barron and Jason and later the Tshirt guy fron the merchandise stand.
They all look so familiar to me!
The show is also excellent. I am far back but happy.
H. drives 3 hours to Amsterdam where we fall asleep at 1 in the morning.
I am wondering what Bob will do for 2 days off.

14th and 15th of April.Amsterdam.

On the 15th H. drives us to The Hage.
We visit a museum and walk around then we drive towards the Ocean.
The weather is cool and windy.
Nothing much to do except listening to some Bob Dylan recordings from the past.

16th of April Amsterdam

Amsterdam , The Netherlands 
Heineken Music Hall 
April 16, 2017 . 

We arrive early and Bob and the Band are already doing the sound check. 
The soccer stadium next to the Heineken Music Hall is filling up with
There is an important match. 
A lot of beer bottles are scattered all over. 
Donnie, George and Charlie are getting in and out the bus with their stage
suits and I take a chance to say few words to the 3 of them. 
Donnie is so sweet and George doesn’t mind a hand shake. 
I compliment Charlie for his guitar playing and he is thankful. 
Bobby is resting. 
I rapidly get a ticket and I move inside to be away from the rain and
The weather had been cold for me all away from Stockholm to Amsterdam . 
I am a desert lizard! 
My seat is on the tribune, not so close to the stage but I have a good
My Good Samaritan (the one who gave me the ticket) is a sweet man. This is
his second BD show. 
The Hall is packed. 
I recognize a certain number of followers, here and there. 
Right on time Stu takes his position, strumming his little tune and when
George makes the ‘boom boom’ signal on his drums the curtains open up
on the right for the rest of the Band to take their positions. 
Bob moves straight to the piano. 
Most of the songs are now on the piano; either he is sitted or standing. 
For the centre songs he is backing up, holding the mic in both hands. 
The sound is clear and loud. The loudest I heard so far. 

Things Have Changed (Bob standing at piano) 
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Bob sitting at piano) 
I prefer this one to To Ramona (too slow for my taste) 
Highway 61 Revisited (Bob standing at piano) 
Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (Bob sitting at piano) 
My favourite still. 
Why Try To Change Me Now (Bob center stage) 
For this one Bob is centre stage (not so much in the lights though) 
Pay In Blood (Bob standing at piano) 
As I said once already, he should do this one centre stage. 
Melancholy Mood (Bob center stage) 
The soft intro by the Band let him time to drink a little something on the
side of the stage. 
Duquesne Whistle (Bob sitting at piano) 
Love Sick (Bob center stage) 
But I am not moved as I used to be. 
I don’t know how Bob can express his feelings so violently after so many
times of performing that song! 
Tangled Up In Blue (Bob center stage then sitting at piano) 
Reaction from the public as always. 
Early Roman Kings (Bob standing at piano) 
No handkerchief in the air. 
Spirit On The Water (Bob Bob sitting at piano) 
Scarlet Town (Bob center stage) 
Nice banjo solo by Donnie. 
All Or Nothing At All (Bob center stage) 
Desolation Row (Bob standing at piano) 
I lost track of time. 
Soon After Midnight (Bob standing at piano) 
And I don’t want nobody but youOuOu! 
That Old Black Magic (Bob center stage) 
Bravo George! 
The ding! Ding! Ding! is funny. 
Long And Wasted Years (Bob center stage) 
Dark and sad. 
Autumn Leaves (Bob center stage) 
‘But I miss you most of all my darling 
When autumn leaves start to fall’ 
Or when you’re not on the road! 
The public is now standing. The aisles are filling up. 
Blowin' In The Wind (Bob sitting at piano) 
Ballad Of A Thin Man (Bob standing at piano 

A perfect show in a perfect atmosphere; the public was respectful and
For me this is the best show on that Tour though none of them shows were
any bad. 
To make my day perfect I bumped into a man who once had been a dear friend
of mine. 
The Dylan good spirit is high and we are in the time of Resurrection so

PEACE and LOVE my friend! 

17th April Amsterdam

Amsterdam number II. 

Nothing much happened in the afternoon. 
Bobby and the Band made their sound check as usual. 
The weather had been an April sort of weather in a northern country; cool
and rainy and shiny. 
All is quiet around the Arena as there is no soccer game today. 
I appreciate a strong cup of coffee in the afternoon. 
A young woman comes to me and hands me a ticket. 
At first I don’t check but then I realise it is a 4 th row centre seat.
A miracle again! 
It appears that this young woman is a ‘Bobcat’ and we met before
somewhere at a Bobby’s show. 
Thank you Sandy from Vienna . You made my day! 
God bless and keep you always. 
I move in and take my seat early. 
It is time to relax. 
The seat next to me is empty and will be empty during the entire show. 
I have an exceptional view on the front mics. 
3 of them just good enough for … nothing or nothing at all. 
Bob is dressed in a suit black with red sparkling, shiny embroidered, a
sort of red/pinky fancy shirt and his jacket is open. He is slim. 
So far he never took his hat off. 
Looking good, though … as pale as a ghost. 
Have you ever seen a ghost??? Na! but you heard of them. 

1 Things Have Changed (Bob standing at piano) 
2 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Bob sitting at piano) 
3 Highway 61 Revisited (Bob standing at piano) 
4 Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (Bob sitting at piano) 
I would like to stand up and dance but no, this is not the ‘season’. 
The public is polite now a day! 
The Band is preparing for something and Bob doesn’t move to the centre
5 Stormy Weather (Bob standing at piano) 
In the middle of the song Bob turns his head and clear his voice (kind of
spit on the side of the mic). 
He must have a cold for he will also blow his nose on the side of the
stage at times. 
6 Pay In Blood (Bob standing at piano) 
7 Melancholy Mood (Bob center stage) 
8 Duquesne Whistle (Bob sitting at piano) 
9 Scarlet Town (Bob center stage) 
instead of Love sick 
10 Tangled Up In Blue (Bob center stage then sitting at piano) 
11 Early Roman Kings (Bob standing at piano) 
12 Spirit On The Water (Bob Bob sitting at piano) 
13Love Sick (Bob center stage) 
instead of Scarlet Town 
14 All Or Nothing At All (Bob center stage) 
15 Desolation Row (Bob standing at piano) 
16 Soon After Midnight (Bob standing at piano) 
17 That Old Black Magic (Bob center stage) 
18 Long And Wasted Years (Bob center stage) 
19 Autumn Leaves (Bob center stage) 
Blowin' In The Wind (Bob sitting at piano) 
Ballad Of A Thin Man (Bob standing at piano) 

A stage rush during the short break will end in a sort of fight with
security at the front. 
The Fans are standing up but they don’t touch the stage or look at Bobby
under his nose! 
Excellent show as usual with a little surprise to make Fans keep on going,
going on. 
The venue is slowly but surely emptying. 
Franky from Prague will entertain the crowd with Dylan’s songs until
late in the night. 
He is playing what people expect and Bobby doesn’t do anymore. 
You know… 
‘One more cup of coffee’ or ‘Mister Tambourine Man’. 
The Legend is bigger than the Man.

18th April Amsterdam

Amsterdam III

H. drops me at the venue and goes back home to make the car ready for the next shows.
I meet with Stefano and Richard and another Fan and we have drinks until 6.30 p.m.
A group of 5 persons approach me and offer me a ticket but I have to follow the group and I will never get the ticket in my hand. I take my seat on the front but far on the right side of the stage and I see Bob only in the back.

Not my best show ever but I was in.

We go early to bed for tomorrow we will be driving to Paris.

19th April Paris.

We arrive in Paris, H. And I (from Amsterdam) in traffic jam but we find
the hotel easily. We will stay here for 3 nights. It is reasonable price

and close to a metro station, plus there is a  supermarket just accross

the street.
From Amsterdam,  on line, we booked 2 tickets for the Louvre

museum. There is a special Vermeer exhibit and some more Dutch painters.

20th April Paris.

It takes forever to access the paintings hanging on the wall but we are
used to queuing. The collection is worth the pain. Few hours inside Le
Louvre,  a cup of coffee and a French baguette later we move to Le
Zenith. 6 p.m. people arrive slowly, mainly from metro stations. For 2
hours there will be an incessant wave of humans passing in front of me.
Scalpers are all over and quite aggressive. My sign brings smiles and
sarcasms on the lips of the Frenchies. It says :   "if you have an extra
ticket you don't need , I will be happy to use it".  It is clear that I
don't want anybody to buy me a ticket or do any sacrifice but still people
have harsh reactions. I say hello to some acquaintances and ignore others.
At 7.45 p.m. the queue is still long and there is no way everyone will be
in at 8 p.m. , time of the show. The security is re enforced due to menace
of attack or just panic and unnecessary paranoia. I start smiling at
myself and the comic of the situation as people start being aggressive, 
precisely because of the queue. A young man approaches me and just says ;
' you want a ticket?' 'Yes, but I can’t give you any money'. 'ok, follow
me'. Alex will tell me later that he was amused by my sign. He wanted to
give this extra ticket to a real Fan. He has the tickets code on his
telephone so we move in together. We get inside at the time Stu strums
his guitar and Bob moves to the piano. It is now 8.30 p.m. We don't even
mind to find our seats. We just stay on the rail, all away on the top on
the Zenith. We see Bobby's back on the piano pretty clearly. Alex is
remarkable, one of those Fans I really appreciate being with. He is sorry
about the cold attitude of the public. From where we are nothing much is
happening,  not even in the front,  not even on " highway 61". I dance
and sing. I must be one of the few. I feel awkward. I suddenly realize Bob
doesn’t do the songs in order.

1.Things Have Changed (Bob standing at piano)
2.Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Bob sitting at piano)
3.Highway 61 Revisited (Bob standing at piano)
4.Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (Bob sitting at piano)
5.I Could Have Told You
6.Pay In Blood (Bob standing at piano)
7.Melancholy Mood (Bob center stage)
8.Duquesne Whistle (Bob sitting at piano)
9.Stormy Weather (Bob standing at piano)
Early in the list instead of "Scarlet town"
10.Tangled Up In Blue (Bob center stage then sitting at piano)
11.Early Roman Kings (Bob standing at piano)
12.Spirit On The Water (Bob Bob sitting at piano)
13.Love Sick (Bob center stage)
14.All Or Nothing At All (Bob center stage)
15.Desolation Row (Bob standing at piano)
16.Soon After Midnight (Bob standing at piano)
17.That Old Black Magic (Bob center stage)
18.Long And Wasted Years (Bob center stage)
19.Autumn Leaves (Bob center stage)   
20.Blowin' In The Wind (Bob sitting at piano)
21.Ballad Of A Thin Man (Bob standing at piano)

Not the best show I've been in to witness but the most remarkable
uncounter with Alex. If only the 6000 fans had been like him! What a feast
that would have been! No Bobby's fault or any Band mistake. On the
opposite Alex and Me found the musicians exceptional. I have admiration
for Charlie, more and more. I paid attention to his playings tonight and
he was GREAT. Thanks Bobby and the Band and few Fans like Alex who still
have the Rock and Roll attitude.
We take the metro with H. , Stefano, Alrick and ... other Fans I didn't wish to meet ; Randy, Asha and M.
Ross is not with them.

21th April Paris.

I arrive at the La Seine Musicale at 2 p.m.
This is a brand new construction where once upon a time there was here the car constructer ; Renault Billancourt.
The building looks like a concrete boat in the middle of an Island surrounded by water.
For the first time since the beginning of the Tour the weather is warm.
I spend my afternoon walking around and enjoying a pleasant atmosphere.
Little gardens and playgrounds have been displayed around.
I find myself an Italian Cafe for a strong cup of coffee.
The show will be at 8.30 p.m. because before there will be an inauguration party with important people.
V.I.P. tickets and invitation tickets have been distributed.
I still believe in a miracle.
On the passerelle thousands of Fans arrive from the metro or the parking lot.
I bump in R. and say hello.
I salute some of my friends.
Some are selling tickets and some want to buy.
They all find their happiness but not me.
There is no way I can get a free ticket and I start to be desperate when I see that I am the only one outside.
Some people leave the venue 10 or 15 minutes after the beginning of the show but even with a ticket stub I can't get inside.
I will spend the 2 hours of the show outside seeing V.I.P. people leaving. They were obviously not Bob Dylan Fans.
The security was heavy and guards with machine guns are escorting the buses when they take the road.
We take the metro back to the Hotel. It takes one hour and I am not in a good mood.

22sd of April Esch/Alzette.

We drive from Paris to Esch/Alzette.
That will be one of the few GA show.
A chance to be on the rail if I manage to get a ticket early enough.
Some Bobcats are already in the line; the 10 or so still willing to spend some time and energy to see Bob and the Band really close.
The doors open shortly before 7 and the crowd rushes in but not me.
I will get a ticket at 8 p.m. for a show at 8.30 p.m. and I will not make the rail. But I will snick at the 5th row on the side of Stu.
There are Bobcats I talked to and others not.
I don't like the atmosphere. For 5 hours Fans are friendly but 10 minutes before they open the doors it is a competition.I don't like those GA shows, I am happy we don't have so many anymore.
I spend some time at the Cafe with a nice Fan from Germany.

The show was excellent. I could see Bobby smiling and chatting with
members of the Band.
Obviously Bob was in a good mood. If you're happy, 
I’m happy too.
The setlist didn’t vary but it is for the best. The
quality of the show is improving. Charlie is now more free to do some solos. The Band is enjoying some more personal solos here and there. The public was the best so far, dancing on the floor and not surprised of the crooner songs, even enjoying them. A lot of respect from a GA crowd packed in the front. I will say with others ... the best show so far. I say it every night, meaning there must be some good feelings getting higher and higher.
So thank you Bobby , the Band, Barron and Big Bob, the technicians,  the
crew people....
Thank you the good hearted people and Fans who make my journey a pleasant adventure everyday.

23rd of April Thionville

H. wants to visit a Roman city in Germany,Trier, (Treves)so we spend the day sightseeing.
We had a good peaceful day.

24th of April Antwerpen.

H. and I have a hotel on the outside of the city.
It makes my journey, in that part of Europe, a lot easier travelling by car and sleeping in comfortable Hotels.
We arrive late morning.
We check in, relax and drive to the venue ; the Lotto Arena.
I meet with Julien, Simon, Benjamin and we have a good laugh and a great time just before the show.
I find easily a ticket (thanks to Benjamin).
The venue is huge, again an Arena and not in a nice area.
But people can find a bite to eat and a beer to drink (and they do).
The public is friendly.
My Good Samaritan is French and we chat before the show.

1.Things Have Changed (Bob standing at piano)
2. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Bob sitting at piano)
3. Highway 61 Revisited (Bob standing at piano)
4. Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (Bob sitting at piano)
5. Why Try To Change Me Now (Bob center stage)
6. Pay In Blood (Bob standing at piano)
7. Melancholy Mood (Bob center stage)
8. Duquesne Whistle (Bob sitting at piano)
9. Stormy Weather (Bob standing at piano)
10 Tangled Up In Blue (Bob center stage then sitting at piano)
11. Early Roman Kings (Bob standing at piano)
12. Spirit On The Water (Bob Bob sitting at piano)
13. Love Sick (Bob center stage)
14. All Or Nothing At All (Bob center stage)
15. Desolation Row (Bob standing at piano)
16. Soon After Midnight (Bob standing at piano)
17. That Old Black Magic (Bob center stage)
18. Long And Wasted Years (Bob center stage)
19. Autumn Leaves (Bob center stage)
20. Blowin' In The Wind (Bob sitting at piano)
21. Ballad Of A Thin Man (Bob standing at piano)

No change in the setlist.
They have a technical problem at the beginning and at some point Bob leaves the stage opening the curtain in the back, talking to someone and he makes a sign towards the sound Man on the side of the stage.
Charlie mentions also a problem.
Stu is in trouble with the connection of his guitar.
Well! that makes Bob in a bad mood (it seems).
The show is good but not the best ever.
Nonetheless I had a good day.
I say farewell to Benjamin and Julien for whom it was the last show(of that Tour), goodbye to Simon I will see in Franckfurt.
We drive across the city for a good night sleep.
Good night Bobby!

April 25th Frankfurt

We stay in Mainz as it is expensive to park in Franckfurt.
We are at the Fest Halle in early afternoon.
H. goes to the Bobcats party before the show.
I walk inside the commercial center to keep warm and meet with Simon for a cup of coffee.
The crowd packs up before the venue.
The German Bobcats group is complete (or almost) plus some Fans from Austria or Switzerland, 2 Frenchies.
No one from any farther (among the Fans I know).
Thanks to Uschi for the ticket.
The venue has a strange structure ; the form of a boat all around and a coupole at the top.
Capacity 8 000.
It is full even on the balcony behind Bob's back.
My seat is great, I can see the stage pretty close, on the side of Stu.

As soon as Bob opens his mouth there is something wrong with the sound.
His voice is coming only from the speakers on the right.
It takes the first song and half of the second before the speakers are fixed and then the sound is perfect.
I manage to move a little bit on my seat but I will not make the stage run.
So far I never managed to reach the stage. The good days are over!
Bob salutes the balcony Fans standing behind his back.
He moves to center stage for the final salute.
The audience had been polite and respectful ... a little bit too much?

Bye, bye Bobby. See you next in London!

27th of April Amsterdam to London.

 I catch the Ouibus from Amsterdam to London on the 27th of April.
It is 8.30 p.m. when the bus pulls out with its load of passengers.
The trip will be 11 hours long passing through Brussels.
Not the longest I ever done but I know sleeping will be difficult.
I have a cold and a slight fever so I doze into and out of sleep with nightmares.
I am wondering if the fever will pass or get worst.
We stop at the French border for passport and luggage control.
I manage to stand up in line. Then only passport control at the British border.
I dose again until Victoria Station stop.

 28th of April

What was supposed to be 6.20 a.m. ends up 5 a.m. we are earlier than schedule and ... there is a switching of time.
I wander around Victoria train station to cash some pounds(currency) and find out how to buy a Oyster Card and get the metro to Turnpike.
My good friend John waits for me at the station and we have breakfast.
A British breakfast high in proteins!
There is a show tonight on the 28th.
I spend the day sleeping, or at least resting. Trying to get rid of that cold.
Then it is time to move on.
I reach the Palladium slightly before 6 p.m.
The little side street from Oxford boulevard is packed with passerby.
We are in a commercial area. I get sick and not high spirited. It is almost as if I don’t want to be here.
This night I will not get ticket. I catch the metro back to John's house.

London 29th of April.

We wake up late and we go out for brunch.
A good omelette with fries and salad will comfort my body. It might be all it takes to make me feel better.
John and I decide to visit the National Gallery.
Nothing like Monet,  Cezanne, Renoir, Van Ghogh, lift my spirit. Bobby Dylan would be the cherry on the cake!
A strong latte in a Cafe near the Palladium and .... this is THE time I fear the most.
I am confident tonight.
Many Bobcats made the trip to London from Europe and even the Sates.
I chat a little bit with Glen , the man in the Napoleon hat. He's from California and fun.
We met in Paris. As a matter of fact he is friend of Mr. R. and came to London under Mr.R. request (and tickets). Mr. R. is not anymore with Miss. M.  which makes me quite happy (!). We all met, the 3 of us in Nashville,  at the Ryman, 6 years ago. What a coincidence that we are here today at the Palladium London.
My good spirit might be reflecting for a Man walks by me and hands me a ticket. He doesn't even wait for my thanks. It is a miracle as so many scalpers are making their business tonight.
I immediately walks inside the venue, half hour before show time.
The Palladium is a splendid little theater. It reminds me the one in San Antonio, The Majestic. Same feeling of Glory.
I am in the Royal Circle, the first up level balcony.
I have an excellent view of the stage.
The seats are red and tight. It is difficult to move around. It is not designed for a Rock and Roll crowd. But it is not anymore with Bob Dylan. I have to get used to it.
I try to socialize with my neighbors but they are the quiet type.
Right on time Stu will take the stage.
I can't believe my luck!
I see Bobby strolling to the piano for the ....
13th time on that Tour.
But each show had been a special one.
This one will leave a print in my memory.

An excellent performance tonight. Not a mistake on the lyrics, not a fault on the music.
His voice as clear as it could be.
Bobby's playing with the mic and standing at the piano is a wonder!
As much as the "Sun Flowers" by Van Ghogh.
What a day, my friends!
I wait outside for Mr.R.

Seeing him and wishing him the best (even with his new girl friend!) 
will be my reconciliation with the entire world.
Good night Bobby!

London 30th of April.

Today there is supposed to have a gathering of Bobcats at a restaurant.
So, I thought.
But it ended up to be a gathering of some fancy Fans in an expensive Thai restaurant.
I drink a latte and move out.
Few Fans had been talking to me and in fact not talking too much about Bob Dylan or the shows.
I stand by the 2 Tour buses parked right on the streets.
It is improbable that Bob Dylan will pass in front of the Fans waiting here too.
The Band arrives for the sound check, but no sign of Bob.
In fact, a black  car certainly dropped him by a secret door, behind the theater.
Only his guitar and some luggage are brought out from the car to his Tour bus.
So.... he will be leaving London tonight, right after the show.
I don’t see Federica around. Weird!
I take a walk to the Halcyon Gallery, where there is a Beaten Path exhibit.
Nothing's much happening today.
I take photo as I am impressed by the size of some of the canvases.
Back to the Palladium,  few blocks away.

I eat a sandwich and drink a soda.
I say hello to some Fans who had been friendly with me.
2 good friends from Australia just arrived.
No sign of Federica!  Whoa!
I start my search for a ticket.
Today I had the feeling, all day, to have been out of time and out of space.
Am I insane ?
So be it!
A young gentleman hands me a ticket. I give him a hug.
I wait for Mr. R. , just to say hello. He's all by himself and looks sad.
I regret I didn't ask him more about his mood but I am so happy for that ticket. I move inside the venue where I will find my "sanity" back.
I am on the road for Bob Dylan.
I am on the upper level tonight. Still I have a good view on the stage.
My Good Samaritan is James and seated next to me. His wife couldn't find a babysitter so he gave me the ticket. Thanks James.
Stu takes the stage.
Bobby's voice is weak.
Either he is tired, either the sound is muffled on the top of the Palladium. But definitively not the best performance.
I notice Bob making a mistake on "Pay in blood". He started the wrong verse on the second one.
Again he is trying a funny phrasing on "Early Roman kings" but drops it rapidly. It didn't work tonight.
He looks tired to me. Maybe he had party with friends in London?
I am happy anyway. I enjoy.
The public is polite.
After the show I say goodbye to the Fans heading back to Europe.
I wait to say a word to Mr. R.
Don't see him anywhere!
What a strange day!
Good night all my friends.
Have a safe travel.
Good night Bobby! Rest well in those 2 free days.
See you in  Cardiff.

Cardiff 2 May

Left London on the second of May.
I am traveling National Express.
I find my Youth Hostel thanks to Starbucks WIFI connection and Google Map.
The room is crowded but I won't be in too much.
I take a good shower and walk the streets that are ... full.
Cardiff is a nice little city with a Castle.
I buy myself a cornish pasty,  " the best in the world ", it says.
I believe it is true. It tastes fantastic.
I go to bed at 7 p.m. For a change I will have a 12 hours night sleep.

Next morning

Cardiff  3rd of May

I join the free walk guided tour at 11 a.m. We are only 5. For a change.
We walk and walk and walk.
I grab a scone at the Market place and a strong coffee.
Get ready, for tonight there is a show.
At 3.30 p.m. the Tour buses are parking inside the venue parking lot.
So far so good.
There will be a soundcheck.
Big Bob, Bob's security guy inquires about "the Italian girl".
"I haven't seen her since London" say I.
"Oh! We know she's in Cardiff"

Some Bobcats are there but not so many.
The rats are leaving the boat still sailing!
I put my sign out.
A woman wants to give me a ticket.
But ....
A big guy dressed with a yellow jacket ( a venue security guard ) stops her violently.
"You can't do that!" He says.
"What?" I say.
And an unreal situation takes place for 15 minutes.
The guy says I am not allowed to ask for a free ticket.
Plus he insists for me to stay next to him, in custody.
My good friends and fans from Australia are next to me trying to defend me.
I ask some explanation but I don’t get any.
It is a nightmare.
When finally another security guy says I can cross the street.
 I am half relief but still don't understand the point.
When so many scalpers are free to do their business!
Half crying, half angry I put my finger up to show people I need a free ticket, away from the venue entrance.
Suddenly Big Bob , Dylan’s security guy, is next to me.
I tell him the story.
"Yes" he says "they were to stop the Italian girl, not you. They didn't get the information right even though they had a photo. There is nothing wrong with you, you never caused any trouble."
I shake his hand. "Thank you".
I still need a ticket.
I cross the street to be by the entrance and put my finger way way up.
A young man hands me a ticket. Immediately I enter the venue.
Where ever I am and what ever the quality of the show ... I will enjoy myself.
As a matter of fact Bob is really good tonight. He's chatting and smiling with Donny and the show is excellent.
And as a matter of fact Mr. R. has a seat in my row.
So much pain and then so much joy!
After the show I am overwhelmed by pleasure, like being free from prison or waking up from a nightmare.
I say goodbye to people I know, wishing them the best and go to ... sleep.

Bournemouth. 4th of May

I leave Cardiff at 6. 15 a.m. with National Express bus.
I didn’t sleep so much after the incident at the venue before the show.
I will sleep on the bus.
There is a change in London but all is well as the bus is only 5 minutes late.
I reach Bournemouth right on time in early afternoon.
I walk towards my Youth Hostel. Got lost. I took the wrong direction.
I recalculate with Google Map ( my GPS) and realize after 5 minutes the "Baggies Backpacker" is .... right in front of me.
Oh well!
An excellent service and beautiful Y.H.
I regret I will stay only a short night.
I take a shower, change clothes and walk towards the venue.
Kind of got lost. Had to ask the direction twice when ... this is a venue I know! The BIC, by the beach.
I've been here before, as I had been at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff.
That must have been 4 years ago when the Tour started in Glasgow then Blackpool then Cardiff then Bournemouth. ..the other way around.
Oh my!
Then it was a GA. Not tonight.
I walk around and I find one of those cornish pasty again. Good one!
Potatoes, onions and cheese.
I also spot F.
What is she doing here if she's banned from the B.D. shows?
Not my business but I worry again about my position as one asking for a free ticket.
I try to find Big Bob (in vain) but I don't want to be a pain in my ass (not another one!). So I move away from B.D. bus.
I hope for the best.
No F.  Around the front doors but I stay away from those doors and the security.
I show my sign with discretion.
A couple of young men approaches me.
"How many times you have seen the show?"
"15, on that Tour"
"That will be the 16th"
They hand me a ticket.
Thanks guys.
I am FREE.
I move to the beach walk.
I relax in the refreshing wind.
I drink a good cup of tea and move to the entrance of the venue.
I walk in as any Bob Dylan Fan ... with a ticket in my hand among the crowd.
Woah! Nice feeling.
I wait to see if I spot Mr.R.
He's all by himself and look subdued.
I give him a hug. Not sure if he likes it???!
I do.
I seat next to my Good Samaritans and we chat a little bit before Stu takes his spot. They are kind and sweet. They say the ticket was for their father who couldn't make it and wanted a good fan to have it. It was meant for ME!
The sound is not the best (its a big arena) but I truly enjoy myself.
Every show is a pleasure for different reason.
After the show,
I say few words to Mr.R. . I am sorry to see him unhappy. Just tired?
I walk to my Y.H.
I sleep few hours before catching another early bus.

Nottingham. 5th of May

Same story ; the bus goes first to London then a change going north.
All is well. I sleep most of the trip.
This time I have an AirBandB room.
I decided to skip the Glasgow show (too far, too much expensive ).
I will stay 3 nights here in Nottingham.
I find my way with Google map and ... I have a private room.
What a luxury!
I get immediately ready for the show and walk to the Motorpoint Arena.
I know now it is a familiar one.
I spot F.
I worry again. What the hell is she doing here?
I know this is not nice but....
I've seen her all over for 6 years now (when I started following again).
I'm an old BobbyCat. Starting to follow in 78. Then 79, then 81 then 86.
Then stopped.
(Starting again in 2011.)
It was different then to be a follower. We were not so many and Bob was "approachable" if only Fans were showing RESPECT.
I was showing Respect and I managed to talk to him personally some 25 times....
I was NEVER  a groupie. A Fan, that's all. I never believed Bob Dylan was part of my family or could have been even a friend.
I am an Artist. I know the Artist life and I know what an Artist needs ; inspiration or solitude.
 As I never believed I could have been an inspiration ...
Each Fan has a different reason to be a Fan.
And yes, there is a sense of craziness in being a follower or a collector.
I've met all kind of crazy Fans over the years.
And I usually love them as being crazy.
As long as you know you are CRAZY. Fine.
But ... there is a line not to cross; from craziness to insanity.
You start to be insane when you believe in being "special" for Dylan. When you mix reality and dreams. It is called schizophrenia.
When you don't admit anymore that you are crazy, you are insane.
I never liked F.
 Not because she was following or asking for free ticket (what I do also). There was no competition. It was time when I helped some Fans to get free tickets (if my memory serves me well).
I was always hoping for a sense of solidarity on the road.
That happened and disappeared (exceptions though).
I happened to see F. In her worst attitude : fighting the venue security (and being scolded) and fighting Bob Dylan security.
(What most of the Fans don't know).
I heard her stories, repeated again and again to Fans who had no idea who she was. Bad stories, negative stories and negative attitude towards MISTER Dylan.
I never encouraged her.
I unfriended some Fans because at some point it was Her or Me.
Well! She was maybe more "fun" than me.
But I am not insane.
Back in Nottingham ...
 I managed to talk to Big Bob and asked him about the situation. He assured me that I am fine. I will have no problem with the security.
I put my sign out.
All the passer-by seem kind and sweet.
No bad feelings, here.
I get a ticket from a sweet girl.
I give her a hug and she wants a photo with me.
Do I become famous???
I walk inside the venue as a "regular" Fan.
I am on the floor, Row R.
The sound is muffled but as ALWAYS....I do have a great time.
I don’t even try to find Mr.R.
What for???
To waste my affection ?
I walk to my AirBandB.
Got lost.
Swear at my stupid lack of direction.
But laugh all the way.
When you are tired to just have to LAUGH!

Liverpool 8th May

From Nottingham I took a bus to Liverpool as I skipped the Glasgow show for different reasons.
I arrive in a crowded pedestrian area in early afternoon.
As I have no room tonight I need to find a place where to put my suitcase.
Well! No chance!
At the train station the lockers closed at ... 9 p.m.
No other lockers in town.
I drag my green suitcase around the downtown area to find a bite to eat.
I find a chicken sandwich for 99 p. Can't bit that!
(It will give me a stomach ache though!)
I then move to the Echo Arena located by the sea.
I will not visit the Beatles city any more than that.
I relax breathing fresh air but don't see any black buses coming around for the soundcheck.
I inquire about getting inside the Arena with my luggage.
"No problem, there is some lockers inside" security says.
I stand by the cafe where 'Simply Dylan' (a musicians covering Dylan songs) is putting a show on.
I meet with different Bobcats.
 A well known Bobcat, Mike, says he has a ticket for me from a Fan who was in Glasgow.
Thank you guys for your help!
I go inside the venue at 6 p.m. , the earliest I ever been inside at a B.D. show.
I get rid of my suitcase and hang around talking with 2 Fans from Australia.
We have known each other for a while.
Great people,  followers, but discreet.
I then chat with Stephen and seat next to Diane.
My spirit is high, even higher when I see Mr.R.   taking his seat.
The venue is huge, maybe 7 to 8 thousands but it seems to me I am in an intimate surrounding.
Stu is 15 minutes late for his introduction.
He starts 7.45 p.m.
Bob dressed with the patched suit.
"Don't think twice it's all right" for a change.
Bob is in good spirit.
His voice is loud.
 The sound (where I am) is good.
I enjoy myself down floor on Row S.
I know almost all the lyrics by heart....could be a backup singer!!!
My view of the stage is excellent.
I focus at times on Charlie's fingers and George beating up his drums.
I don’t see Bobby's fingers on piano.
His piano is positioned diagonal to the edge of the stage.
As usual, some people move in and out bringing drinks.
Some leave before the end of the show.
But globally the public is respectful.
One of the best shows on that Tour.
I wait for the crowd to dispersed. I have plenty of free time before catching my midnight bus to London.
I spot Miss.M. but I don't pay attention to her and say few words to Mr R.  who responds to me with kindness.
So, all is fine and I am relieved and happy. No more tension between us.
Outside Franky is entertaining the few Fans hanging around.
Again, I bump into Mr.R. 
Sweet ending of a weird day in Liverpool without any Beatles.
I catch my bus to London with some Fans who had come to Liverpool specifically for that show.
A young 24 years old was delighted with his 1st Bob Dylan show.
We chat about how Bob Dylan can get together a large crowd of all different people (nationality, age, interest...) ...before I pass out in the arms of Morpheus.
Good night Bobby!
See you in Wembley.

Wembley London 9th May

Back to London after a nice trip inside the UK.
This will be my last show of the Tour spring 2017.
John offered me hospitality again. Meaning he's not fed up of me ... yet!
Thank you my dear friend. GOD bless you.
I am over tired (I didn’t sleep much in the night bus from Liverpool to London) and also over excited. Not a good combination of feelings!
I take a metro to Picadilly, walk few blocks, get tired of the crowd and decide to reach the Wembley Arena early in the afternoon.
I thought it would be in a "green" area as it is called a Park. But no.
This is a busy area in construction next to a huge stadium.
Crowded and noisy. Oh well!
I spot the 2 "beat the street" buses pulling inside the parking lot.
Time for soundcheck.
Mr. Dylan is a professional musician. I never saw him NOT arriving for the soundcheck but... I don't know everything.
F. Is standing there too.
I get inside the public library for a rest.
Then I meet with John, Mike, Stephen.
We have a nice conversation about music.
Stephen spots Charlie walking down the street and managed to get a photo with him. Charlie is always seen around the venue. Sometimes Tony also.
 6.30 p.m.
 I put my sign out "If you have an extra ticket you do not need. I will be happy to use it".
F. Is not to be seen so ...
No more of the "I need a free ticket".
Scalpers are doing their business.
I am confident ... for a while.
I move towards the metro station.
There is an incessant flow of people walking the path from the metro station towards the venue.
It reminds me of Le Zenith in Paris.
After half an hour I got trapped in my inner space. I don’t see faces anymore but just a flock of 'sheep'. I block my feelings. I build a wall of glass around me.
It seems also working the other side of that wall.
No one approaches me, no one smiles at me. I am a "ghost".
No good at all!
 7.30 p.m.
 I wake up. I NEED  a ticket.
For a while I am thinking of buying one. That will be against my "principle". I just have to be more faithful.
My Good Samaritan must be somewhere among those 7 thousands fans!
My good star didn't shut off yet!
I move closer to the venue.
A nice woman comes to me.
"You need a ticket?"
"Yes but I don't have money to pay for it."
"Ok. Follow me."
Woah! SHE is the Good Samaritan.
She gives me an excellent seat;
12th row on the floor and in the aisle.
I will be able to 'dance'.
Stu is on time, so is Bob.
He's wearing that beautiful suit with the blue embroideries and the 2 spades. The one I love the best.
And as a special treat for me (ah!ah!) He will be hat-less for most of the songs on piano. I am on the side of the piano.
Even doing the entire "Tangled up in blue"  on piano.
He repeats a line of "Desolation row". That makes him just human.
And at some point there is a flash of light on stage.
I try not to be disturb by the incessant movement of people in the aisle:
Getting to their seat late, going to the bar, going to the restroom, being scolded by security for taking photos, leaving the show together.
Even the guy in front of me is scolded for using ... binoculars. (?).
I focus on Bob. He looks good and full of energy as I asked myself why he's doing so many songs on a piano which is now positioned in diagonal.
Except for the first few rows ... he is invisible!
By the time he sings "Autumn leaves" I am dreaming of moving to the front.
For the first time on that Tour, I wish to see him close.
This is my last show.
I see Bobby's  security guard chatting with the venue security guard right in front of me (The one guarding the approach of the stage).
He mentions him just to keep the crowd from the rail.
So ... I move slowly from my seat to the front row during the break.
I am right in front the piano!
Really, really carefully and respectfully I keep my stand:
I don’t touch the rail.
When Bobby comes back for the encore my heart jumps in my chest.
He is RIGHT in front of me.
I see the sweat dripping from his face.
I follow his lips on every single line of "Blowing in the wind".
I am in Heaven  on "Ballad of a thin man". Half crying, half laughing!
The salute is my last one.
Goodbye Bobby!
That was such a delight to sail on that ship with you.
So much Joy and Love and Happiness.

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